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Art Mall


K11  Art Mall  is the world’s first Museum-Retail concept and a hybrid model of art and commerce, it is the brand to pioneer the blend of three essential elements of Art, People and Nature. The audio system newly installed in K11 Art Mall is designed to supply even coverage of sound dedicated to create a desired atmosphere, such as hosting events, performances, etc. 

The audio system consists of Yamaha TF Rack Digital Mixer with NY64-D Dante Card, iPad, Cisco network switch, Bose amplifier & Speakers, with 4 Shure wireless microphones. 

In addition, a portable rack with Denon DN-F350 Media player and DN-312X Mixer is prepared for Piazza, and a portable rack with 2 additional Audio Technica wireless microphones and Alesis Multimix Mixer can connect to speakers on G/F Atrium via AV floor boxes in G/F switch room. Both portable racks are stored in G/F switch room.

Both portable racks are stored in G/F switch room. The audio signals from microphones and media player are all wired to Yamaha TF Rack Digital Mixer for signal processing, routing and control function. 

The control system consists of Apple iPad Mini 4 as the control panel with Crestron System Pro 3 for control processing. The iPad is installed with the Crestron application for a tailored user-friendly control interface, sending selected control commands to the audio devices such as the speakers for custom event presets, volumn control and mute function

Our team had to wait for the K11 Art mall to close before they could start work, we needs to install sound on the ceiling, but the ceiling of K11 Square has a total height of 15 meters. Only can choose the lifting engineering platform or the shed, the cost of the shed is very expensive, and the work time is only at night, the price is calculated every day, so we finally choose two days to use the way of the shed, and rent the engineering platform.

General lifting engineering platform can only lift to 5-6 meters, in selection of instruments need to take into account the material of the mall floor. That selection of lifting engineering platform is only able to choose lighter and can lift to 15 meters height, but the engineering lifting platform can only accommodate two people at a time, need to allocate good time.

In addition, this project is carried out at the later stage of decoration, so our engineering team needs to destroy the appearance of the wall when installing the embedded accessories, and use the original decoration materials of the mall when restoring. We need to cooperate with the decoration master of the mall, and the price of materials is fixed.

Although there were many challenges in this project, it was completed within the expected time and the customer was very satisfied.